Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Here is another cool bit of military hardware. I really wanted to create something along the lines of the AC130 gunship but I wanted a more precise tool rather than a terrifying gun platform. I looked at birds of prey and modern VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) jets for inspiration. The idea is that it's a jet that can hover high above the battlefield and essentailly snipe at targets with one very precise cannon. The wings fold out and contort to provide stability just like a bird of prey while hunting and the entire cockpit and attached cannon swivel up and down to track targets.


One of the great things about concepting using 3D models is that it gives you alot of freedom when deciding the composition of the piece. As the above image shows I rendered out several views of the plane before I decided on which one to use.
You might also be able to spot that I did two versions of the model, one in 'hover mode' with all the animated wings splayed, VTOL ports open and cockpit pointed down, and one in 'flight mode' with the wings straight, ports closed and cockpit level.

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