Wednesday, 11 August 2010


I had the idea for this piecs knocking around in my head for ages.....what if there were a Formula 1 style event for armoured vehicles?
I had been looking at some modern designs for tanks and noticed how alot of them were becoming more streamlined, almost like they had been designed for speed. This design aspect probably has alot more to do with projectile deflection than actual aerodynamics but it gave me the basis of the idea for this piece.


This was probably the first piece of concept work that I did where I really concentrated on the 3D modelling and it took up the majority of the time on this piece. I started from a pencil sketch which in turn was based on extremely simple 3D geometry just for guidelines. After that I worked up the model in Maya, tweaking the design as I did and then did the rest of the colouring and texturing in Photoshop over an ambient occlusion render of the finished model.
Although the entire process was very time consuming I found it fascinating and learnt alot while doing it. It would be difficult to justify this kind of process in a tight project schedule but for beauty shots in post production it could be valid.

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