Wednesday, 11 August 2010


This is quite an old image now but it marks the milestone of the first real image I did based on a 3D model. I was pretty pleased with the results and nowdays I generally us Maya 3D models as the base for final art on industrial designs like this.

Here is a rough workflow for the Monobike piece. As you can see the 3D model is really basic and I only really did it so that I could get all the curves correct on the wheel element. Also you will notice I then went on to produce traditional lineart over a printout of the 3D model. This is something I have eliminated from my workflow now I have A Cintiq tablet. That tablet has been a real catalyst for lots of good stuff as far as my work is concerned and has changed many things about the way I work.

I had originally only plannd to take the image to a greyscale stage but the more I worked on the piece the more I wanted to see it in all it’s shiny glory and ultimately I couldn’t resist finishing off the piece with all the decals and reflections. The reflections themselves were fudged, I tried a reflection map overlay in Photoshop but was displeased with the results so in the end it was done very roughly by hand…I think it works pretty well

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