Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Another backdrop for the same project. This image took quite a while to do and although the reference images I used for the base were excellent there is a suprising ammount of paintover involved.

I started by finding some reference for Tokyo style streets and neon signage. I then constructed the scene using a fair ammount of distortion and transformations in photoshop until I got something that looked like a busy intersection with two big streets coming off it at similar angles. Then pretty much all of the buildings got altered and in particular the skyline is unrecognisable from the reference, most of it was skyscrapers that would have shot up out of shot and wrecked the dramatic rooftops that I ended up with. All the neon is bespoke, primarily for copyright reasons, and yes it took ages.

Dropping in the cityscape and sky finished off the piece and added to the sense of depth. I tried adding details like clouds and stars to the sky but not only would it have distracted from the luminous prescence of the city itself but I figured that stuff like stars would be impossible to see considoring the ammount of light pollution and smog associated with most large cities.

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