Wednesday, 11 August 2010


This is a personal piece I did just before the end of 2009. It started off as a basic premise for a scene, someone being chased deep into the woods by a malevolent force of some sort having liberated some kind of artefact. I always wanted to keep the evil prescence as something un-defined, hence the silhouettes. I think addidng details and fleshing out the baddies would have taken focus from the protagonists…..which, coincidently, I didn’t decide on being squirrels until quite late on. I wanted the good guys to be trying to hide in the forest and I thought what better than have them try to hide in the tree that was the focal point for the piece. I thought this added much more drama than them just being chased through the forest…will they hide in time before the horde arrives??? The artefact being a golden acorn was a shoe in after that and tied the whole piece together nicely. Nice how these things sometimes work out eh?


  1. Bryn, I think you need help. "One nut to rule them all"?.....who's a Lord of the Rings fan then? Actually, so am I. I like this.

  2. LOL, couldn't resist the title given the image. Glad you liked it :)