Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Another personal piece from 08. Can’t quite remember why I decided to do this but the original idea came from a photo of a geisha costume I saw. I guess my imagination was responsible for the rest. I will post up a workflow image to accompany this in a bit.


Here you are then. With this piece I actually started off with traditional lineart which was then scanned into Photoshop. I worked it up it greyscale first to balance the tone and then worked over in colour (During the greyscale process I made corrections to the image such as sorting out the head and chest areas) .This process can be dangerous as it can lead to a very muted feel to the colours especially if you are just using layer properties like ‘colour’ or ‘overlay’ in photoshop. I did go over and paint in alot of the colour over what was probably a ‘colour’ layer so as to avoid this.

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