Monday, 4 October 2010


I have had the idea for this image knocking around in my head for ages. It's based around two things. Firstly the idea, albeit a somewhat cliche'd one in the sci-fi community, of a real historical conflict (WWII) being interrupted by some kind of alien invasion. I guess the logic from the aliens point of view would be to strike while the world's heavily depleted defences are too busy blowing each other up to co-ordinate properly against a common foe. It also gives us the interesting juxtapose of what we would now percieve as old fashioned human technology going up against unimaginiable alien tech, it's all very H G Wells. The second idea for the image was the damage to the Tiger Tank, which came directly from Termainator 2. I loved the effect they did when the Terminators first arrive in the present day. There is a perfectly spherical cutaway of the world where the time anomoly (or whatever) has burnt away everything including the ground and all the contact edges are white hot. I really wanted to use this kind of effect to accentuate the mismatch between the aliens and the humans by implying that their weaponry works in completely different ways to ours and that even the heaviest armoured killing machines the world had to offer at the time were no mach for them.

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