Thursday, 19 May 2011


Hello everyone (well at least seven of you anyway ;p). Please check out the links to my work colleages on the righ hand side of this page. They are all far too talented for their own good and are worthy of a look if you have the time. I have recently added links to the sites for Marco Caradonna and Daz Watford , the former being relatively new to Blitz, and the latter being a cumudgeonly misanthrope who has been hanging around the darker areas of the company for a while now. They are both very talented so go check them out :)

Marco Caradonna
Darren Watford

More environment work....

Here are a couple of environment images I did for the project I was on at Blitz in 2010. The interior image was a paintover of a placeholder game model. This is a process that we use alot these days. Usually you will start out with a few quick thumbnails and then move on to a slighly more detailed rough image. This will be enough for the modellers to go ahead and build rough environments for gameplay testing. Once everyone is set on what the final scene should be then  the concept artist can take back the model (usually a screengrab from the in-game engine or from Maya) and do a paintover, fleshing out the scene and adding lighting and surface detail. It is an incredibly useful process both for the concept artist and the modellers.
The exterior islands shot was all just done in photoshop. Once again custom tree brushes do a good job of adding detail quickly. In this case I set up a layer with the trees on it then linked a fresh layer over the top and used additnal foliage brushes to add detail and colour variation. Once again I doff my preverbial cap to the genius that is Mr Steve T for his gorgeous cloud brushes which really finish off the image so well.

New....but quite old.

Here are a couple of images from the project I was working on in 09. For some reason I passed them over when I was adding the rest of the project art to the blog a while ago. Anyway, here you go. Both images were done exclusively in photoshop.
For the forest scene I started with a very rough montage of general forest greenery and then worked over the top. This was a quick way of adding the depth of texture that an image like this needs. Very litle of the background image ended up being visible in the shot but it provides an excellent base to work over.
The stadium shot utilises some custom tree brushes to good effect. Once again using brushes like this sensibly can be a great shortcut to adding detail quickly, espedcially in a shot like this where the trees are generally in silhouette.

Thursday, 12 May 2011


So here you go, as promised, some new artwork finally breaks onto my blog. These are a couple of speedpaints I did a little while ago. The purpose of these two images was to look at bashing out quick and effective images utilizing custom brushes. I can't remeber exactly how quick they both were but certainly no more than 20 minutes a piece. Using the custom brushes to produce foliage, trees, and plants adds quick and effective detail to these speedy drawings.

Hello, is anyone still out there?

Sorry it's been a while since I posted to the blog but having one new daughter and one first daughter in hospital has had a slightly detrimental effect on my blogging, can't imagiune why ;p
Anyway Our new daughter Lara is coming up to her first birthday already and our First Daugher Jenna is recovering fine after what will hopefully be her last major operation to correct her hip. So now I have no excuses to post art to the blog, and to possibly sort out a proper website for my portfolio (will keep you posted on that one).
I will be posting fresh art very soon, in a matter of minutes in fact, so watch this space and thanks for being patient :)