Monday, 24 September 2012

Life Drawing 05

More portraits this week. The first three are continuous line drawings and a mass drawing. The second two are my first foray into charcoal since college. Unfortunately the left hand one got smudged in storage which is a shame :(

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Life drawing 04

We were doing contour portraits this week. These were all 10 minute poses:

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Recovery Tractor

This was a little side project I was running with my colleague Marco. The brief was to come up with some kind of industrial vehicle through a process of discussion and elimination from a large group of rough designs.
With input from Marco I went with a tractor style design and although I settled on the cab section fairly easily  it took a moment of inspiration from Marco who basically suggested I tried the cab on the tracks from a separate vehicle, and hey-presto the final design was agreed. We thought that the vehicle had a lot of character and so was deserving of pursuing further. The next step was to then construct a basic outline for the vehicle in Maya and then work over the resulting occlusion render. I have included the render to show how basic the model was. I then took the render into Photoshop and lined over the top adding all the detail.
I will definitely be doing more like this and may even take one of the other designs from the group and work on that. I will however, probably opt for one without tracks as they were a pig to design and render ;p

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Daily facial study 02

Number two in the series:

Life Drawing 03

Some images from our latest life drawing session. The first lot are 2 minute 'mass and line' sketches. The first minute is used to block out mass and the second to refine with line over the top. The second image is two 15 minute poses with the time broken down into defined categories. These were: Gesture (1mins), shapes (1mins), boxing in (1mins), shape refinement (3mins), tone (4mins), and tone consolidation (5mins).

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Daily facial study 01

Here is the first in a group of relatively quick facial studies I will hopefully be doing daily. The object of the exercise is to study and practice facial structure and expression. As with the earlier self portraits I will be hooking a small mirror over the frame of my cintiq so as to reduce head movements. All I have to do then is pull the same dumb expression while I work. Some people will no doubt think this is a task I am quite well suited to ;p

Friday, 6 July 2012

More vehicle thumbnails

Here are a few more vehicle thumbs from the little side project I have going on. More to follow:

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Digital Portfolio is go!

Hello everyone. My digital portfolio is finally ready to be unleashed on an unsuspecting internet community. You can check it out now by following this link: Bryn Williams: Digital Portfolio or by using the Portfolio tab on this page's header.

Friday, 1 June 2012


A few years ago I decided to create a couple of comic style panels for a personal project. I have always loved the work of World War 2 cartoonist Bill Maudlin ( Gallery link ) and I fancied doing something similar. It was also a great excuse to draw some more tanks, something I never shy away from. Not sure how successful they are but I had a great time doing them. Anyway, I stumbled upon them the other day so I thought I'd post them up:

Vehicle sketches

Some quick thumbnails from a personal project I have just started with a colleague. Plenty more to follow as I do them:

Life Drawing 02

Here is a couple of sketches from the last session. The 3 minute pose (bottom image) was done using a method where you don' take the pencil off the page, so no measuring distances or angles, a very interesting and challenging process.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Speedpaint #7 - Grey

30 minutes for this one. Idea came from the environment with the weather 'greying' everything out and making it very flat and hard to make out. Used custom noise brushes to add depth and texture to the scene quickly. Asides from the sniper rifle there is very little detail in the scene which is good because I wouldn't have had time for anything else ;p

Friday, 4 May 2012

Life Drawing

Recently we have been running life drawing sessions at Blitz which have been great. They run for about an hour and a half each week and we are currently doing a variety of pieces varying from 10 second gesture drawings up to 15 minute poses. I didn't have time to scan in all the sketches but here are a few of the 15 minute poses from the last two sessions. 

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Speedpaint #6 - Industrial Design

This one was very quick. I basically wasted half my alotted time noodling ideas that had no real thought behind them hoping that something cool would emerge. Sadly it didn't so I had to go for something simple and quick before I ran out of time. Design wise I think it's very basic but I don't mind the subject or the palette. It is just not what I was hoping to end up with.

Monday, 30 April 2012

Speedpaint #5 - Spring

Here is my latest speedpaint from last Tuesday. Subject was spring and I spent about 40 mins on this one.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Weekly Speedpaint #4 - Explore

If anyone was wondering I guess I just like Badgers. Their name itself is funny and that's enough for me.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Cowbot - The longest quick sketch ever

This was intended to just be a quick colour sketch and I have only taken a couple of hours over it, but that has been stretched out over a few months now. I really fell out of love with this and at one point and was close to dumping it entirely but I found some spare time the other day and finished it. I guess I just needed closure.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Weekly Speedpaint #3 - Alive!

Here is this weeks Tuesday speedpaint. Just a quick 30 minute sketch this time. After doing something quite complicated last time I really wanted to keep it simple and work with a more restricted palette.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Weekly Speedpaint #2

Here is my Tuesday speedpaint for this week, brief was simply 'wet'. I am generally happy with the overall tone but less happy with the mark making. I was happy when it first started and I was blocking in with big strokes but I am a little disappointed at the general untidiness of the final work. I think I got stuck using just the one flat brush for the most part and that didn't help. Oh well, live and learn ;p

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Return of the speedpaint

We have just resurrected our weekly lunchtime speed-painting sessions at work. The brief for the first one was simply 'Tanks'.
This is what I came up with in the 1 hour deadline:

Friday, 17 February 2012

Mechanica 01

I decided to take a break from all the anatomy stuff and return to what I consider to be my roots. When I first started to really enjoy drawing when I was a kid what I loved to draw more than anything else was spaceships, robots, and tanks. It sounds very clich├ęd especially in my line of work but I have a real affinity for industrial and vehicular design. More than any other art it totally immerses me when I am doing it and I find it incredibly enjoyable and therapeutic.This piece was definitely a case in point and I enjoyed it immensely. I love getting stuck into designing something that not only looks really cool as a piece if industrial design but also is recognisable and functional.

This is my take on the big cranes you see moving shipping containers at the docks. The pivots at the top of the legs would enable the legs to spread and accommodate heavier/longer loads and the wheel units would all have independent steering. I also wanted it to be able to carry multiple containers so I designed then to be able to interlock for economy of transport.

I should also point out that this image was done entirely freehand without any use of Maya. In that respect it was a bit of an exercise to prove that I could still cut it without the aid of 3D packages.

I hope to do more work similar to it and If I get as hooked as I did when I was younger I might need an entirely new blog devoted to it!!!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Character sketches 03

Some more quick character sketches for you.First one was about 15 20 mins including the colour and the second was about 1 hour with colour.
 Reference images were from a great site called 3D.SK which is an excellent resource for character poses with models of all shapes and sizes in an almost inexhaustible array of poses including lots of fantasy and action poses with a wide variety of weapons. If you want the lovely high-res it does involve a paid subscription but it's worth it in my opinion.
Here is a link:

Friday, 3 February 2012

Character sketches 02

Here are a few more character sketches I have done recently, just for practice. I have been trying to concentrate on varying the overall shape of the faces to try and avoid ending up with generic character studies. With the men I also looked at varying the age and weight so as to get a better understanding of how the face changes through the addition or lack of fat and how the muscles change through age. I should point out that I didn't use any photo reference for these pieces although I do tend to constantly reference my anatomy books while doing this kind of work.
If anyone is interested, the three books that I couldn't like without for anatomy work are as follows. I have included links to Parka Blogs (where available) for reviews of the books. From there you can link to Amazon etc for purchases:

Figure drawing, design and invention - Michael Hampton

Atlas of human anatomy for the artist - Stephen Rogers Peck

Artistic Anatomy - Dr Paul Richer

Friday, 20 January 2012

Character sketches 01

These are two images that I did as part of my PDR (Personal development review) goals at work. The aim with these pieces was to do some relatively quick pieces which concentrated on the anatomy without getting mired in the time consuming process of rendering, hence the lineart and flat colour approach. I quite like the simplicity of the final pieces and after pawing over the self portraits for hours It was a very refreshing change. As with the self portraits I think I will produce a few more of these and I already have some ideas in mind.
And just in case you were thinking I was getting all smutty with images of nudey girls, it's kind of hard to do anatomy studies with fuly clothed characters........and there will be images of men too (smut to be decided).

Self Portrait 02

Here is my revised version of my first self portrait and my second self portrait.
The main difference between the way I went about the two self portraits is that the second one (on the right) was done from photo reference and the first from life. It is so much easier this way as you don't have to deal with the subject moving or the light changing, both of which were problems I had with my first attempt. I had two light sources for the first portrait, the angle poise lamp on  my desk and a window about 8ft to my right. I started the portrait just after lunch and finished a few hours later. As it was winter the sun went down and changed the lighting in the room and I really struggled to make sense of the changes. Also, like a complete plum I managed to move the lamp half way through which didn't help! Other ways that working from a photo have helped include the fact that you don't have to try and hold the same expression for ages (I chose a deadpan approach to the first one for this very reason) and you can zoom in to check details. Anyway, the end result is that as a self portrait the second one works alot better.
The image on the left is a revised version of the first portrait with a few changes made based on observations I made during the second one. Noteably I have changed the shape of the chin and a little of the structure of the cheeks and temples. Also the mouth is narrower and wider. I didn't want to tinker too much but even these little changes which I did in about 10 minutes make a big difference.
I will continue to do these and will be working both from life and photo ref, the ultimate aim being to become as proficient in life as from photo's.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Self Portrait 01

As you may of noticed my blog is a little light on character work and mostly environments and vehicles/props. These are definitely the stronger parts of my repertoire and life drawing is definitely not. So in a move to improve my skills and as part of my personal development goals at work I have been focusing my personal work on anatomy studies. Part of this consists of producing a series of self portraits, something I haven't done since college, a looooooooooong time ago! I managed to source a nice little mirror that has a nifty base that conveniently hooks over the top of my cintiq allowing me to work without moving too much. The following image  is the first portrait I have done and I am fairly pleased with it. One thing is for sure, it's not easy. Took me about 3 hours in total and that included several major revisions. I will be posting some more soon and will be trying out working from photographs as well to see how it compares to working from life.