Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Self Portrait 01

As you may of noticed my blog is a little light on character work and mostly environments and vehicles/props. These are definitely the stronger parts of my repertoire and life drawing is definitely not. So in a move to improve my skills and as part of my personal development goals at work I have been focusing my personal work on anatomy studies. Part of this consists of producing a series of self portraits, something I haven't done since college, a looooooooooong time ago! I managed to source a nice little mirror that has a nifty base that conveniently hooks over the top of my cintiq allowing me to work without moving too much. The following image  is the first portrait I have done and I am fairly pleased with it. One thing is for sure, it's not easy. Took me about 3 hours in total and that included several major revisions. I will be posting some more soon and will be trying out working from photographs as well to see how it compares to working from life.

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