Friday, 3 February 2012

Character sketches 02

Here are a few more character sketches I have done recently, just for practice. I have been trying to concentrate on varying the overall shape of the faces to try and avoid ending up with generic character studies. With the men I also looked at varying the age and weight so as to get a better understanding of how the face changes through the addition or lack of fat and how the muscles change through age. I should point out that I didn't use any photo reference for these pieces although I do tend to constantly reference my anatomy books while doing this kind of work.
If anyone is interested, the three books that I couldn't like without for anatomy work are as follows. I have included links to Parka Blogs (where available) for reviews of the books. From there you can link to Amazon etc for purchases:

Figure drawing, design and invention - Michael Hampton

Atlas of human anatomy for the artist - Stephen Rogers Peck

Artistic Anatomy - Dr Paul Richer

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