Friday, 17 February 2012

Mechanica 01

I decided to take a break from all the anatomy stuff and return to what I consider to be my roots. When I first started to really enjoy drawing when I was a kid what I loved to draw more than anything else was spaceships, robots, and tanks. It sounds very clich├ęd especially in my line of work but I have a real affinity for industrial and vehicular design. More than any other art it totally immerses me when I am doing it and I find it incredibly enjoyable and therapeutic.This piece was definitely a case in point and I enjoyed it immensely. I love getting stuck into designing something that not only looks really cool as a piece if industrial design but also is recognisable and functional.

This is my take on the big cranes you see moving shipping containers at the docks. The pivots at the top of the legs would enable the legs to spread and accommodate heavier/longer loads and the wheel units would all have independent steering. I also wanted it to be able to carry multiple containers so I designed then to be able to interlock for economy of transport.

I should also point out that this image was done entirely freehand without any use of Maya. In that respect it was a bit of an exercise to prove that I could still cut it without the aid of 3D packages.

I hope to do more work similar to it and If I get as hooked as I did when I was younger I might need an entirely new blog devoted to it!!!

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